Younique: 6 New Products and 2 New Countries Added!

My team and I are super excited to be able to let the cat out of the bag! Younique is launching in Mexico on the 5th of May and in Germany in the third quarter of this year! Take a quick look at the video announcement our Founder and CEO Derek Maxfield and co-founder Melanie Huscroft shared with our team!

“I’ve got a very special Race to Start campaign for my future Latina presenters! Are you ready?”

What is the Race to Start campaign?

The Race to Start campaign is a “race” leading up to Younique PresenteUnknownrs being able to sell product into Mexico. Think of the “race” as a “sprint to the starting day!” From March 1, 2015 through May 5, 2015, Presenters in any market can sponsor new Presenters as US Latina Presenters and a new Presenter can join as a US Latina Presenter. Presenters who participate in the campaign receive special incentives only available from March 1 through May 5, 2015. Race to Start is applicable only to open markets, between March 1 and May 5, 2015.


More Younique Mexico and Younique Germany FAQ’s From Younique Corporate:

What does it mean to be a US Latina Presenter?

Being a US Latina Presenter means that you live in the United States and have opted to have your Younique website language default to Spanish—whether you are a brand new Presenter or an existing Presenter. Please note that during the Race to Start campaign (March 1 to May 5), if you elect to become a US Latina Presenter, your default language will be Spanish and cannot be changed for 90 days from the date you enrolled (for new Presenters) or switched (for existing Presenters).

New US Latina Presenters will receive a US Latina Presenter Kit, which comes with a Presenter Guide and Spanish catalogs!!!

What does it mean to be able to sell products into Mexico?

Beginning May 5, 2015, Presenters in all markets will be able to sell Younique products to those who reside in Mexico. This means that if you have a mexico-map1customer who resides in Mexico, they can go to your website, choose to view your site in Spanish, order products, and have those products shipped to them. Customers in Mexico can go to any Younique website and choose their viewing language. Stay tuned for more details about this feature.

When can Mexico residents join the Younique family as a Presenter?

In Q4, when Younique launches the Mexico market, residents of Mexico can join Younique as a Presenter. Beginning May 5, however, Presenters in all markets can sell product into Mexico, and customers who live in Mexico can view your website in Spanish and order products.

What does a “full Mexico market launch” mean?

In Q4, we will be opening the Mexico market for those who reside in Mexico who want to be a Younique Presenter. Those who live in Mexico and join the Younique family will be able to enjoy the Younique products and opportunity in their own language, complete with Spanish catalogs, website, Presenter Guide, and more!

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about the wonderful opportunity and partnership with Younique and our lovely Latina nieghbors in Mexico!

xoxoxo Andrea aka #LesMillsGirlontheGO

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