Clean Week with Andrea



My Seven Day Slay aka Clean Week is a 7-day introductory nutrition and fitness program that takes you through really simple lifestyle changes to help you eat better, start losing weight, and create new healthy habits. It’s the perfect introduction to see how this proven system that combines fitness, nutrition & support will get you started with real, lasting results.

It’s so easy y’all! Can you commit to clean eating, drinking Shakeology®, and exercise, (which is all included in with this program) for 7 days? If you say YES, you can lose up to 3 to 5 pounds in just 7 days. Once you discover how good that feels, you will have the momentum you need to continue on your journey to living a healthy and active lifestyle.


I have organized a private personal training group on FACEBOOK.  In this group page I will have daily posts walking you through using the program and holding your feet to the fire to keep you motivated! Prior to that, we will get you organized with the meal plan and workouts, so you are ready to go on day one!  We start Monday October 16th!!


Watch the video below that will show you exactly how the program is going to run, to include all the nutrition and fitness tools you will use during the 7 days. The cost for this program (that includes everything you see in the video) is only $29.95.

If you’re ready to get started… then click here  to sign up.  Then send me a friend request on FACEBOOK so I can add you to our private group page to get you started right.

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