Four Fitness Myths BUSTED!

Four Fitness Myths BUSTED!Four Fitness Myths BUSTED!! C’mon – we are smarter than this….
MYTH 1. “You can burn BELLY FAT with this exercise…”
FACT: If you want that ever-elusive six-pack, you have to decrease body fat and the biggest factor here is your diet!
MYTH 2: “Walking 10,000 steps a day is the key to weight loss”
FACT 2: This is a cookie cutter number. You need to find you baseline and increase movement from there! Diversify!
MYTH 3: “Cut 3,500 calories a week & lose one pound of fat”
FACT3: Science has proven it’s much larger than calories in, calories out!! You have to learn and practice portion control with Protein, Fat & Carbs!!
Myth 4: Your body mass index (BMI) tells you you’re obese
FACT 4: Not necessarily! It does not look at what your height and weight are made of, but it doesn’t tell you your body fat percentage or determine how much muscle your body is carrying!
If you need help finding the right meal plan, message me!!

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