Slow Down!

Slow down, be realistic about the Christmas Season! Battling crowds, listening to stodgy relatives complain about politics and other randomness, staying up late to bake for people who really don’t need the sugar and calories… It’s time to stop the madness!

  1. Re-do your LIST making- Write down your top priorities and delete anything that is not a MUST. Be brutal here!

  2. Be real about “Fun with Family” – Expecting everyone to be giddy and jolly 24/7 will lead to let-down. Instead – aim for “calm” . Organize easy activities like fun games, walks outside etc.

  3. Keep up your fitness! Most ease up on exercising when it’s actually a HUGE mistake. Even squeezing in a 35 minute walk/run/workout will improve mood and make you feel less-stressed.

  4. The thought REALLY does count. Your inner perfectionist needs to go away. People just want to know you actually value them. Small, homemade gifts (even notes) are a-okay!

  5. Focus on what the season actually means to you. Own your meaning and remember that when you start to deviate from steps 1-4

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