How to be a Weekend Warrior Princess!

How to rock your weekends by having fun and not ruining progress!

The weekends can be a great time to kick back and relax but it can also be a time when you get a little off track on your nutrition and your fitness.
Unfortunately I can tell you that I used to basically undo all my hard work that I put in during the week days in just 2 days of a weekend.

So, I quickly learned that I had to maintain consistency in my nutrition and allow myself to have a special treat every once in awhile but not every meal for an entire weekend.

So I hope these tips help you and also encourage you to plug in for support so you realize you are not alone in starting your fitness journey! Get in on my next accountability group for November by clicking HERE![wufoo username=”andreasadvice” formhash=”zbj7bsp1s9fdzr” autoresize=”true” height=”1187″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]


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