Flexible Dieting Guide with Proper Portions

The word DIET is a four letter word in my book. We’ve seen it all, the “Paleo” Diet, the “Grapefruit” Diet, the “Mediterranean” Diet etc. etc. What’s one common thread among very single one of those “DIETS”???? Think about it…got your answer?? Ready??

Portion Control with proper Macros!! #iifym

The common thread woven throughout any DIE-T is this – people consuming more quality protein, veggies and fruits and lowering their intake of SUGAR and simple carbohydrates. Notice, I said LIMITING. I preach “Nutrition without Restriction®” because that is the key to success for a complete lifestyle change.

I am starting my clients off on a journey to finding balance in their approach to food. We are going to learn WHAT “Macros” are, how to find the exact ratios of those Macros for their goals, how to do this without weighing food, without logging your food into an app, without counting points and without counting calories on a daily basis. So overall, this is EASY!!

You will learn how to identify the proper portion sizes of proteins, fruits, veggies, fats, oils, seeds, nuts even chocolate and wine. Yes, you can have chocolate and wine on my plan!!! (not everyday so don’t get the idea your’e on the chocolate and wine diet).

We begin July 6th. I am providing one on one coaching and support to each and every client DAILY. You will not be let alone to wander and I can PROMISE you results. I stand behind this 100% – but you have to commit 100%!!! DEAL??? Wanna try it?? Leave a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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