Quest Bars or PB2 on the 21 Day Fix???

1. PB-2 aka powdered peanut butter with the fat removed. Pros- less calories than regular peanut butter. However it does count as one of your teaspoons. You can use a little more since their are fewer calories but I prefer the real version of full fat Almond Butter! Fat keeps you fuller, longer and the fiber in the almonds helps too. BETTER CHOICE – real nut butters

2. Quest Bars – NOT ON THE LIST. Full of chemicals and sugar alcohols which cause abdominal discomfort and bloating. BETTER CHOICE- Shakeology Bars (recipe on page 12 of your #21DFX Booklet or comment below and I’ll share it.

3. Egg Whites – listed as a RED container. You can have up to 8 a day!! 4 equals one serving. BETTER CHOICE – real egg whites from pasture raised hens

4. Pregnant – YES – but check with your doctor first and follow the modifiers. Nutrition – Run the Basic Calculations and find your range then add 500 calories to it!

5. Shakeology – YES unless you are doing the 3 Day Fix (option on original 21 Day Fix program) Follow the program exactly as listed!

These will give you GAS!!Yes - allowed! 1 tsp.

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