#TipTuesday! Train your abs with a SKATEBOARD??

Yes, you read that right! Grab your kid’s or your husband’s or even your old skateboard from the garage and incorporate these simple moves into your workout routine.

To train your abdominals:

  1. Place your hands directly under your shoulders.
  2. Place your knees or toes on the skateboard
  3. Fully extend your legs until you are in a plank position with hips the same level as your shoulders.
  4. Draw your abs in and brace across your midsection.
  5. Pull your hips toward the ceiling by pulling your abdominals in TIGHT! (If on your knees, pull knees toward chest)
  6. Extend legs to plank position and repeat!

Here’s a very low budget video of yours truly showing you how it’s done!

Abdominal Pike with SkateboardĀ 

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