What is the Challenge Tracker App?

How to use the Challenge Tracker app

Beachbody’s newest app is designed to help keep you accountable as you go through a Beachbody Fitness program.→ If you’ve bought a Challenge Pack (which is a Fitness program plus Nutrition package) or you’re just going through a specific program with me, the Challenge Tracker App is really exciting, because it allows us you to work closely with ME and your peers simply by using your phone!

It’s available for iOS and for Android, and the app is free, of course! It’s worth noting that you must be part of on my Challenge Groups to use it, because only a Coach (Me!) can invite you to your Challenge Group.


Daily Check-Ins

I love the daily the check-in feature!  Everyday, you can log your workouts and your Shakeology consumption, share that data with me &  your peers, and keep a record of it for yourself.

Daily logging is critical to keep yourself on track and in the fitness mindset, so as a trainer, this is probably my favourite feature of the app!!!

Social Connectivity

The app is very social. You can communicate directly with your fellow challenge group members and share how you’re feeling. I want you to  share your success! And hey, if you’re feeling like you’re at a low point? Reach out for support. Your challenge team members are close by, which is a great motivator for anyone going through the process.

No one ever loses weight and keeps it off without a network of people behind them cheering them on. So whether you find that network online, through and app like this one, or in your real life, having a group of friends to work with can only help you in the long run.

How to use theChallenge Tracker App!

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