Abs, Glutes and Attitude!

Workout LIVE with me and Autumn Calabrese for 5 days on Beachbody on Demand! We are taking our saggy backsides and puffy midsections to town. In other words, we are about to make them our BIOTCH! Here’s a chance for you to make history and be the first to sample the NEW program known as 80 Day Obsession that you and I are beginning January 15th.

Here’s your peek behind the curtain. These are modified versions of some of the workouts We start this Sneak Peek on November 6th. For 5 days,  for 30 minutes a day, we have a standing appointment with each other – virtually! All you need is your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Leave me a message so I can get you on the list and get you enrolled to join me!

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