22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack Details!

You’ve seen me posting about BURPEES!! How much I LOVE BURPEES!! Well guess who’s getting Tony Hortons 22 Minute Hard Corps TODAY!!!!! 🙋

We got a surprise announcement that challenge packs (the program + Shakeology HD or “performance stack” is available right now and it comes at a deeply discounted price and a sandbag!!! Whohoooo !! Can I get a high FIVE? 🙌🙌🙌

For those of you are buying a challenge pack from me today, you will also be a part of my EXCLUSIVE 22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group starting March 7th!!! Let’s do this… No excuses bc everyone has 22 minutes!!!

Message me if you need the directions to get started!!!!🔆💗🔆💗🔆

22 Minute Hard Corps! Bootcamp inspired workout

Tony Horton Unboxes Challenge PackWhat’s in the box? 22 Minute Hard Corps creator Tony Horton reveals everything you get when you receive your 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack. Take a look…

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