Welcome email 3 – Great Info on Inviting

Save this email for future reference!


So far you should have gotten 2 emails from me (this is #3). You should have:

  • Accessed the Family Page and have taken a look at the “Files” section in there (email 1)
  • Learned where to send your customers (to your custom link) so you can get credit for a sale (email 1)
  • Learned how to create a custom link to send your customers to a specific product page (email 1)
  • Found the News and Training” section in the Coach Online Office and at least looked at the the “Getting Started” tab (email 2)

If you’ve gotten that far, you may be asking, “Ok, great, what ELSE should I be doing?”

And the answer to that is INVITING and Following the 4 Vital Behaviors!

Following the 4 vital behaviors is an absolute MUST in your business! 4.5 years into business and I still do these 4 things every single day!

To learn more about what the 3 Vital Behaviors are: go to your Coach Online Office > Training tab > then click on the “Business Training” section. Then Choose the you can find the “4 Vital Behaviors” section.

Action Step: Read the 4 Vital Habits under “Related Content”!

Next, you’ll want to learn more about the CONNECTING and INVITE process.

Some of the best practices for re-connecting with people you know and identifying people you have to talk to are under the “Skills Training” tab of the “Training” section.

Action Step: Review the PDF documents under the “Inviting” Section under the “Skills Training”  Do these lessons:

  • Customer Invitation Process
  • Sample Inviting Scripts
  • Watch the video “Inviting using Social Media
  • Get to know your customer

Learning to Invite:

While you don’t need to follow the 4-Step Invite Process verbatim, it is a GREAT tool to get you started!

Action Step: Review the 4-Step Invitation Process under the “Inviting” Section under the “Skills” tab training.

That’s all for today! More to come….

Here’s to your success!