P90X Certification

So you’ve seen the infomercials late at night or you’ve tried the program? Perhaps you’ve had friends who’ve done the program and had amazing results? Well guess what?! P90X is coming to GYMS! You can do it LIVE with an Instructor as an alternative to doing P90X at home in your living room. In order to offer P90X your local gyms need certified instructors. YOU can teach P90X when you get P90X Certified!

P90X Certified

Get P90X Certified

P90X Certification will deepen your fitness knowledge, strengthen your coaching skills, and could open doors to significant fitness and financial opportunities for years to come. Interested in joining the list of P90X COACHES that will be leading this life-changing workout in gyms?

P90X Certification is a two-step process:

Step 1 – P90X Qualification
This is an online learning program designed to give you a more in-depth background and understanding of P90X, so you can talk about it with more knowledge and authority. – Cost $99 ($89.00 for Beachbody Coaches)

Step 2 – P90X Certification Training Workshop
A two-day, hands-on, intensive training workshop taught by Beachbody® Master Instructors, designed to provide you with a solid foundation to train clients, as well as teach group fitness classes. Plus, the knowledge and credibility you gain will help you sell P90X much more effectively.

Find a certification in your area:

Get P90X Certified