Welcome email 7 – Your Next Steps

Save this email for future reference! 🙂


So far you should have gotten 6 emails from me (this is #7). You should have:

  • Accessed the Family Page and have taken a look at the “Files” section in there (email 1)
  • Learned where to send your customers (to your custom link) so you can get credit for a sale (email 1)
  • Learned how to create a custom link to send your customers to a specific product page (email 1)
  • Found the News and Training” section in the Coach Online Office and at least looked at the the “Getting Started” tab (email 2)
  • Learned about the 4 Vital Behaviors and How to Connect with People and Invite (email 3)
  • Added the National Wakeup Call to your Calendar (email 4)
  • Found the Coach Breaking News section of your back office (email 4)
  • Started learning how to talk about Shakeology and gotten familiar with resources to share Shakeology (email 5)
  • Be familiar with Success Club and how to earn it (email 6)

Lastly, here’s where to go from here….

We’ve covered a lot in our first two weeks together! If you missed anything, please go back through the emails and complete all of the action steps (or use the section up top as your shortcut).

The funny thing is, there’s still a lot more to cover if you’re ready to learn! So here’s what to keep doing and where to go next:

1) Always follow the 4 Vital Behaviors and especially Invite, Invite, Invite. Consistency is the KEY to this business.

2) Stay plugged in: a) Check into the Family Page; b) Check Coach Breaking News; and c) Listen to the weekly National Wakeup Call. We’ll also announce additional team calls (of our own) in the Family Page.

3) Know your resources: a) there’s a ton of FAQs and resources under the Files section in the Family page on Facebook; b) utilize the resources, especially the Resources Library, in the back office to share the products and information; c) Refer to faq.beachbody.com for thousands of other FAQs, including EVERY dumb question you will ever get about Shakeology – and a whole lot more!

4) To continue your training and education: a) continue reviewing the resources under “News and Training” in the Back Office

5) GET INTO TeamMADE UNIVERSITY HERE: teammadeuniversity.com/register THIS is your NEXT LEVEL training!


Stay tuned for more great things to come for both this Team and this company! Welcome to Team MADE!

Here’s to your success!