Welcome email 6 – How do you define success?

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So far you should have gotten 5 emails from me (this is #6). You should have:

  • Accessed the Family Page and have taken a look at the “Files” section in there (email 1)
  • Learned where to send your customers (to your custom link) so you can get credit for a sale (email 1)
  • Learned how to create a custom link to send your customers to a specific product page (email 1)
  • Found the News and Training” section in the Coach Online Office and at least looked at the the “Getting Started” tab (email 2)
  • Learned about the 3 Vital Behaviors and How to Connect with People and Invite (email 3)
  • Added the National Wakeup Call to your Calendar (email 4)
  • Found the Coach Breaking News section of your back office (email 4)
  • Started learning how to talk about Shakeology and gotten familiar with resources to share Shakeology (email 5)

Up next, let’s talk about what SUCCESS looks like in this business and how you know you’re going to have a stronger business tomorrow than you do today!

If you’ve been paying attention to the Family page (our team page) on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen us mention Success Club and give Success Club Shout-Outs. So maybe now you’re asking, “what is it?” and “how do I get it??” So here you go…


Success Club is a simple measuring stick, a tool by which you can gauge whether or not your business is in growth mode. Those that consistently hit Success Club are GUARANTEED to keep their businesses growing and have a bigger business next month, next quarter, and next year than they do right now.

Success Club is the secret to how Melissa has built a 7-figure business. She’s hit it for more than 5 years straight (since they introduced it!)!

Success Club should be your #1 non-negotiable goal if you are serious about building a business. It is the #1 measure by which you know your business is growing! Anything less than Success Club means this isn’t a business – just a hobby.

To qualify for Success Club, you must earn 5 or more points in any given calendar month. That can be as little as 3 sales/lives changed!

How to earn points: You earn 2 points for each Challenge Pack (doesn’t matter if it’s to a new customer or new coach) or 1 point for each new Shakeology HD (1-time orders do not count). No purchases other than Challenge Packs and Shakeology HD earn Success Club points.

Also note: you MUST be active on your own Shakeology HD (Home Direct) order to qualify for success club.

SUCCESS STARTERS: The most successful people start out quick in this business – and they’re rewarded for it too! If you earn Success Club in your first 30 days, you earn a call with our CEO Carl Daikeler, plus it puts you 1/3 of the way to your free ticket to Coach Summit – the biggest coach event of the year (a $300 value!). If you hit Success Club in your first 3 months, you earn the summit ticket! And that’s not to mention free monthly gifts and recognition from me AND corporate!

Action Step: To learn more about Success Club, you can find all of the details in the Coach Online Office, under “Rewards and Recognition” > “Success Club”

Here’s to your success!