Welcome email 5 – Learning to talk about Shakeology

Save this email for future reference! 🙂


So far you should have gotten 4 emails from me (this is #5). You should have:

  • Accessed the Family Page and have taken a look at the “Files” section in there (email 1)
  • Learned where to send your customers (to your custom link) so you can get credit for a sale (email 1)
  • Learned how to create a custom link to send your customers to a specific product page (email 1)
  • Found the News and Training” section in the Coach Online Office and at least looked at the the “Getting Started” tab (email 2)
  • Learned about the 3 Vital Behaviors and How to Connect with People and Invite (email 3)
  • Added the National Wakeup Call to your Calendar (email 4)

Up next, let’s talk about Shakeology – why you should drink it and how you can share it with others!

Honestly, I’m hoping you’re already a Shakeology ADDICT and I don’t have to sell you on it’s value, but sharing your passion with others can be a different story! It’s not always easy to talk about or explain the value of Shakeology, so make sure you are familiar with and USE the tools available to you in the Back Office!

  • First, review the “Shakeology Product Training” training under the “Training” tab in your Back Office.
  • Action Step: Review the “Shakeology FAQ’s
  • Action Step: Review “How to Share Shakeology” PDF Document
  • Action Step: Click “VIEW MORE” on the right hand side of your Shakeology  Training. Subscribe to the Shakeology podcasts and give these a listen when you’re in your car or doing laundry etc. (you do NOT have to know it ALL – just know how to use your resources!)
  • Action Step: Review the Shakeology Shareable Media under the “Grow my Business” Tab in your Back Office. Choose the “Shareable Media” tab. Then choose “Shakeology” Review the Videos “What is so special about Shakeology” and “Shakeology Superfood Hunting”

You can also review the other Shakeology resources & videos. Take note of ones you would like to share.

Here’s to your success!