Welcome email 2 – Where to Get Started With Training


Hopefully by now you’ve successfully learned WHERE to send your customers so you get credit for any sales and you’ve been added and welcomed into the Team Page on Facebook! Let’s continue on with your first steps…

Save this email for future reference!

There are several places to get started with BASIC training for this business. Let’s get started with the easiest one – the one that is available right in your Coach Online Office (aka “Back Office”).

The training in the Coach Online Office is easy-to-follow, and broken down into manageable chunks to get you started.

To access this training:

1) From https://coach.teambeachbody.com/signin “Sign In”

2) From the menu at the top, go the the “TRAINING” tab

3) From the drop down menu, go to the “GETTING STARTED”

4) Once under the “Getting Started” section, start with the “First 30 Minutes” and move through the other lessons

Also don’t forget about the “Files” tab in our Team Page on Facebook. There’s TONS of info an answer to many of your most Frequently Asked Questions right there!


Lots more info coming soon! Be sure to make time every day – planned block time for your business – and make sure you start taking baby steps to get started if you’re serious about building this business!

Here’s to your success!

Andrea :-)