Welcome email 1 – Welcome to “The Family”

Welcome to “The Family”!

You will be getting a series of emails in the next several days to help you get started – please keep them for reference and make sure to add me to your contacts list so you get them all!  :-)

First of all, I want you to know if you happened to buy a challenge pack, you don’t need to wait for your package to come to get started with your workouts! You have everything you need available right on “Beachbody On Demand” and you can find that on your Beachbody on Demand home page! Have fun with this! This is one of our PREMIER products that will help you build a strong business – and a strong body! 

Second, here’s the FIRST places you need to go and things you need to do:


Please request to join our Team Page on Facebook. Please use your personal profile and real name to do it so we can welcome you and tag you appropriately

This is the place for the latest motivation, announcements and to make lots of new friends that will be essential to your journey and success! It also contains lots of great information and answers to FAQs under the “FILES” tab.

I recommend you add this page to your “Favorites” and check it daily!


I know you may be eager just to make your first sale, so here’s the place to send people so you get credit: beachbodycoach.com/YOURSCREENNAME (the screenname you chose when you signed up).

You can also pre-register customers and coaches yourself using our Share-a-Cart website at  https://shareacart.teambeachbody.com


Please note that you can’t just copy and paste links from the URL bar to send customers to a specific product or page. Fortunately we have made it easy for you to customize your own links using this website: BBCoachLinks.com (made special for our team). You just have to enter your coach ID and screenname and it does the rest for you!

That’s all for today! Again, make sure you join the “Family” page on Facebook and please be on the lookout for more emails coming from me to get you started RIGHT!

Here’s to your success!

Andrea Williams