I like to dress up and go out as much as the next girl, but 90% of the time I’m busy teaching fitness classes and working out. If you run into me in the grocery store or running around town most likely I’m decked out in fitness apparel. I love high heels but I’d rather be comfortable!

Let me ask you this ladies: What girl can resist a great pair of shoes and a perfect workout wardrobe? I own a lot of different shoes, tanks, capris etc. and I put them through hell with multiple workouts and washings. Of all the fitness brands that  I have owned, Reeboks take the cake! Check out  Andrea’s Personal Picks!

Reeboks are superior for comfort and fit. And, if you’re a fitness professional, I recommend joining the Reebok One Program for a 25% DISCOUNT!

The REEBOK_ONE_NETWORK_FinalReebok One program that rewards active fitness professionals for leadership and dedication in the fitness industry. When you join you’ll get great discounts on Reebok shoes and apparel.


As a Les Mills National Trainer and certified instructor, it’s important to me to spread the Les Mills brand when I’m running a training or teaching a class. Les Mills has an excellent line of apparel that goes hand in hand with all of their programs.

Les Mills Clothing Get Les Mills Clothing

Finally, Athleta is a great fitness brand from Gap, Inc. They have great outfits for the gym and sports such as yoga, swimming and cycling.

AthletaGet Athleta